Blase Ur Blase Ur
Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
University of Chicago
Department of Computer Science
Office: Ryerson 157 [gpg]
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In January 2017, I joined the University of Chicago and established the UChicago SUPERgroup. While our CS department has traditionally been known for excellence in theoretical CS, our awesome systems group is growing quickly, and we are aiming high.

I research computer security, privacy, and human-computer interaction (HCI). I am especially interested in using data-driven methods to help users make better security and privacy decisions, as well as to greatly improve the usability of complex computer systems for non-technical users. My dissertation focused on supporting users' password-security decisions with data. I have also worked extensively on supporting users' online privacy and on the Internet of Things (IoT). I received my PhD in 2016 from Carnegie Mellon University, where I was advised by Lorrie Cranor.

I have published at top security conferences, top HCI conferences, and many interdisciplinary venues. I have been fortunate to receive three best paper awards (CHI 2017, USENIX Security 2016, & UbiComp 2014), the 2016 John Karat Usable Privacy and Security Student Research Award, an NDSEG fellowship, a Fulbright scholarship, and two honorable mentions for best paper (CHI 2016 & CHI 2012). I value transferring research to practice, such as through the Bank Privacy website and Password Guessability Service. I have very strong interests in teaching and K-12 outreach, particularly for broadening participation in CS. I earned my AB in computer science from Harvard University and worked for three years at Rutgers University on K-12 outreach and diversity programs.

My first name is pronounced "blaze," and my full name is pronounced "blazer." I prefer to be called Blase rather than Professor Ur or Dr. Ur, both of which sound a bit ridiculous. (Note, just Blase, not Professor Blase or Dr. Blase). I am also a musician and photographer, and previously a theatre designer. I go on bicycle trips, collect records, and travel all over the place. I am a very proud native of New Jersey.

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